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The Collaborative Finance Platform

Because finance should be more than just the spend police.

When you’ve built your model and you need to manage spend, budgets, and headcount in one easy-to-use platform, try Modularity.

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Ideal for finance teams at high-growth companies.

Spend less time aligning, approving, and reporting and more time driving business.

  • Real-Time Budgeting
  • Headcount Planning
  • Spending Workflows

Our advisors led finance, product, and operations teams at

  • Easy to integrate
  • Manage your spend
  • Empower your team

Easy to integrate without the headache.

Modularity can be integrated with existing ERP, HRIS, ATS, and virtual card tools within a week. No code or implementation expertise required.

Manage your spend after you’ve built your model.

No guessing games. Modularity sits on top of your model so you can track what you’ve spent, committed, and budgeted. Open a PO, spend with a virtual card, or request a new hire all within one source of record that’s always up-to-date.

Empower your team to make strategic resourcing decisions.

Collaborate directly with department leaders and enable them to understand how their daily activities and requests tie to company outcomes.

All of the features you need, none of the complication.

  • Headcount Planning

    One place for dynamic headcount tracking, approvals, and budgeting. Integrated with your HRIS and ATS.

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  • Budget Variance Reporting

    Reporting that helps department leads make the most of their budget.

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  • Procurement & Purchasing

    Proactively manage spend with streamlined purchasing and real-time budget insights.

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We believe that every manager, department leader, and budget-line decision maker should be empowered to understand their budget, spend, and financial impact on the company. We are The Collaborative Finance Platform.


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